SPARK is an independent journal for contemplative conversation fostering collaborative exchanges with artists and cultural producers through printed matter. With each publication, we seek to investigate what it means to be an artist today. Edited by Utkan Dora Öncül. 

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Current Stockists: Draw Down Books, Connecticut. 

I Never Read Artbook Fair, Basel, Switzerland, June 2024. 
Other Islands Artbook Fair, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, April 2024.
Spark Presentation, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, May 2022.

Public Announcement, 2024. Instagram.
Cargo, Graphic Design Selects, 2024. Instagram.


Issue 5
Carve Your Path Issue 
featuring Benjamin Edgar Gott, Tom Winslade, Ezekiel, 109 Montrose, Minji Seo, Suffo Moncloa, Nicole McLaughlin, Federico Sargentone, Olgaç Bozalp, Codie O’Connor, Marc Morro, Michelle Watt, Younès Klouche. cover illustration by Maxton O’Connor.
edition of 100. 64 pages. 55gsm newsprint. 2024.
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Issue 4 
featuring Ben Denzer, Bráulio Amado, Christopher & Kathleen Sleboda of Draw Down Books, HolyVulture, James Goggin, Jean Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccini, Nikki Juen, Nino Francis, Paul Soulellis, Rosie Matheson, Sasha Filiminov, Simcha Davis, Somnath Bhatt, Timur Celikdag, and Vanessa Gregorchik. front and back cover photography by Erica J Liu, back cover illustration by Leo Horton.
edition of 50. 48 pages. 55gsm newsprint. 2022.
(available for purchase at Draw Down Books. view publication.) 

Issue 3
A Subjective Guide to Genuine Conversation
featuring Alice Taranto, Can Altay, Courtney Malick, Drew Litowitz, Elie Andersen, Harold Benett, Leo Fitzpatrick, Rachel Berger, Rob Alderson.
edition of 15. 2 color risograph. 11x17 folio. 2022.
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Issue 2 
featuring Leah Maldonado, Lucas Mascatello, Nejc Prah.
edition of 50. 4 pages. 55gsm newsprint. 2021.
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Issue 1 
featuring Erica Bech, Mark Bohle, Zak Jensen. 
edition of 50. 4 pages. 55gsm newsprint. 2021.
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a journal for contemplative conversation. 
based in New York City & Istanbul.